Often Anamet is required to visit the site of an accident or failure and conduct on site testing or collection of evidence, either original or by replication, before conditions change or access is no longer possible.

Anamet engineers perform field inspections and evaluations of failures and corrosion on process containment equipment and components in petrochemical refining facilities, chemical plants, power plants, pharmaceutical production facilities, and on heavy equipment at construction sites. Sometimes components are then brought back to the laboratory for a more detailed metallurgical evaluation. The information obtained through field condition assessments can also identify potential hazardous conditions before they lead to failure.

Scheduled outages at production plants for routine maintenance are opportunities to identify and eliminate potentially dangerous or costly failures that can interrupt plant operations. Anamet offers a range of services for plant outage support by providing condition assessment and testing services that help to ensure the reliability of equipment for continued service.

Our experienced engineers are very familiar with the failure mechanisms that occur in industrial piping, pressure vessels, boiler components, and rotating equipment. When a failure of some type causes an unscheduled outage, Anamet can rapidly assemble a team of experienced technical personnel that can quickly get to the customer’s site, evaluate the failure and the material of construction, isolate the root cause, and recommend the appropriate plan of action in a timely manner to help get the production unit back online.

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