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Miscellaneous Information

Audrey Fasching specializes in failure analysis, metallurgy, materials science, corrosion, wear, as well as welding, brazing and soldering metal alloys. Audrey has more than 20 years of experience helping solve metallurgical engineering problems in the medical device, consumer electronics, automotive, marine, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. 

Audrey has extensive experience conducting failure analysis investigations on products ranging from medical devices to pipelines. She has specific interest in the areas of welding, brazing and soldering, microstructural morphology/evolution, heat treatment, corrosion, and materials selection. Audrey is experienced in litigation support, including expert witness services and testimony in her areas of expertise. 

Prior to joining Anamet, Audrey worked as a Senior Metallurgical Engineer for Memry Corporation, a nitinol-based medical device manufacturing company; Senior Engineer for Exponent, a scientific and engineering consulting firm; and Senior Metallurgical Engineer for Kaiser Aluminum, an aluminum manufacturer. Audrey has also taught undergraduate and graduate level materials science and engineering courses as an Adjunct Lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Santa Clara University. 



Ph.D., Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 1995

B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 1988


Licenses & Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer, Metallurgical, #MT 1924


Professional Affiliations

Member, ASM International

Member, ASTM


Publications and Papers

A. Fasching, D. Norwich, T. Geiser, G.W. Paul. An Evaluation of a NiTiCo Alloy and Its Suitability for Medical Device Applications. SMST Proceedings May 2010, Asilomar, CA.

F. Scserzenie, G.W. Paul, C. Belden, A. Fasching. Comparison of Optical and SEM-BEI Inclusion Analyses of VIM-VAR Nickel-Titanium Alloy. SMST Proceedings May 2010, Asilomar, CA.

A.A. Fasching, E. Kus, B. James, Y. Bhargava, L. Eiselstein. The Effects of Heat Treatment, Surface Condition and Strain on Nickel-Leaching Rates and Corrosion Performance of Nitinol Wires. MPMD 2009 Proceedings, Minneapolis, MN.

D.W. Norwich, A.A. Fasching. A Study of the Effect of Diameter on the Fatigue Properties of NiTi Wire. SMST 2008 Proceedings, Stresa, Italy, p. 558-562.

A.A. Fasching, G.R. Edwards, S.A. David. Grain refinement and hydrogen embrittlement in iron aluminide alloy FA129. Science and Technology of Welding and Joining. 1997;2(4):167-173.

A.A. Fasching. Challenges for Aluminum in the Brazed Automotive Heat Exchanger Market. Alumitech ’97 Proceedings, Atlanta, Georgia, May 20-23, 1997.

A.A. Fasching, G.R. Edwards, S.A. David. Use of Magnetic Arc Oscillation to Refine Fusion Zone Grain Size in an Iron Aluminide Alloy Weldment. ASM/AWS Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Trends in Welding Research, Gatlinburg, TN, June 6, 1995.

A.A. Fasching, G.R. Edwards, S.A. David. Grain growth kinetics of an iron aluminide alloy. Scripta Metall. 1994;30(8):1003-1008.

A.A. Fasching, D.I. Ash, G.R. Edwards, S.A. David. Hydrogen cracking behavior in an iron aluminide alloy weldment. Scripta Metall. 1995;32(3):389-394.


Project Experience

Audrey’s project experience includes:

  • Aluminum Alloys: Aluminum metallurgy, welding, heat treatment, corrosion, and failure analysis, including projects involving cargo containers, transportation, energy, sporting good, and semiconductor applications
  • Medical Devices: Dozens of medical implant and device failure analysis investigations, including surgical tools, guide wires, hypotubes, nitinol stents and vena cava filters
  • Process Piping: Corrosion and failure analysis of carbon and stainless steel piping exposed to various aggressive environments
  • Fasteners: Failure analysis of fatigued, overloaded, and corroded fasteners
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